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CapRiole   My name is Elena, we are situated in Russia in the capital of the Altay region, Barnaul. The cattery is developing breeding of Sphynx cats and is officially registered in Feline Associations of Russia (FARUS) - the cattery certificate 01/2012 on 24.01.2012.

  The breeding program is aimed at obtaininghealthy offspring close to the modern Canadian Sphynx standard and superior in quality in comparison with their parents who have excellent character and temperament.

    I have got a small indoor  CanadianSphynx cattery, all pets live together with us, they are full members of our family, Im strongly against keeping pets in cages. My baldies take an active part in all aspects of our life going out of city, visiting exhibitions, gathering around the TV and, of course, sleeping under a warm owners blanket))) and much more. All kittens from the first days of their life grow in love and care. I try to pay as much attention as possible to each pet, thats why they are well socialized, focused on humans, get on with children and other animals.

   Im very serious and responsible about the health of my pets, its a very important component which their wellbeing and happy life depend on. Thats why, when all kittens move to their new homes after full vaccination, adult animals are regularly vaccinated and examined by qualified veterinarians.

  All pets of our cattery are regularly exhibited at licensed cat shows where they show good results, which are evidenced by diplomas and certificates of title. More details you can find in section SHOWING.

   If youre interested in purchasing a kitten from my cattery, I would be glad to help you, to choose a kitten for you for exhibitions, breeding or just for the soul. Its very important that you find exactly your kitty-kid and the kitten its loving and caring family. Im always ready to answer all questions you are interested in about how to care, feed and keep the pet.

 And finally, I would like to add that Sphynxes are amazing creatures, they cant not impress. Its the embodiment of intelligence, grace, childlikeness, unusual appearance, dedication, affection and love to humans, youll never be lonely with them. And if Sphynx once sneaks into your heart on its warm paws, it will stay there forever


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                                                                                                            Best regards, the owner of 
                                                                                                                                                   the Canadian Sphynx cattery CapRiole",
                                                                                                            Elena Kuzmina.



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